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Our primary mission is to provide at-risk young adults and school-aged youth with opportunities for success through job skills training, education and work experience with an emphasis on conservation and service projects that benefit the community.




Cody Hidalgo

Young Adult Corps

Before coming to the Corps, Cody was working in a variety of capacities at Vons. Though Cody acquired several useful skills, like putting the customer’s needs first, conflict resolution and dealing with multiple priorities, he realized there was something missing. He wanted to learn more physical skills that would help him become a better version of himself.
After a friend encouraged him to consider the Corps, Cody did a deep dive into learning what we were about and he was hooked. The caliber of projects impressed him we were working on, but what stood out to him the most was the fact that our projects had a positive effect on the community in which Cody lives and he wanted to be a part of that.
Since joining the team, Cody has learned hands-on skills he knows he would not have learned elsewhere. Those valuable new skills include tree planting, chainsaw work, building gardens and irrigation systems, and much more. In addition to those hard skills, Cody has also realized the far-reaching intangible benefits the Corps provides; that we are here to improve young people’s lives. Cody has gained a new perspective on some of the hardships his fellow co-workers face on a day-to-day basis such as having a baby at a very young age, living on their own, and other adult-like situations. He’s grateful that he has learned to not judge and to be understanding of others’ lives.
As for his plans after the Corps, Cody plans to study Sociology. To keep things interesting and take his learnings from the Corps even further, he wants to pursue an electrician certification. While he knows there will be obstacles to face in the future, Cody is determined to push himself beyond his comfort zone and accomplish anything he sets his mind to. Cody shared, “If you are not putting yourself in uncomfortable situations then you are not growing and that’s something I live by.”


City of Los Angeles Sidewalk Repair

Thanks to our strong and long-standing partnership with the City of Los Angeles, the Corps has been tapped to help fix sidewalks as part of the City’s historic commitment to invest $1.5 billion over the next 30 years to repair broken sidewalks around Los Angeles and make them accessible to everyone. Through their work on this project, our Corpsmembers are learning the ins and outs of concrete work, seeing the importance of good communication and teamwork, and getting hands-on experience that will build bridges to future jobs.